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Making Your Next Move A Lot Easier

Gun Storage – Maintaining Value And Increasing Safety

by Miguel Ronda

Storing guns is all about safety and preserving the condition of the guns. Since the value of most guns increases with time, maintaining the condition of the guns is critical. How do you safely store guns while maintaining their value?

Storage Location

If you are planning to lease a storage unit such as Admirals Self Storage Inc for your guns, check with the facility. Some facilities do not permit firearms on the property or stored in the units.

If you plan to store your guns at home, always store them in an area separate from the ammunition. You do not want anyone to have easy access to the ammunition in the same general area as the guns.

Trigger Locks

No matter where you choose to store your guns, each gun should be fitted with a trigger lock or trigger shoe. Before fitting the gun with a trigger lock or trigger shoe, empty all ammunition from it. Never fit a loaded gun with a trigger shoe as it could cause the trigger to engage and cause the gun to fire.

Gun Cases

Once you have placed the trigger locks, you can place the gun in a gun case. Gun cases are available in soft and hard-side fashions. Gun cases are designed for an added level of security while transporting the gun as well as protecting the gun from being damaged.

Portable metal gun cases or strong boxes are another option to consider. They are far more secure than soft or hard-side gun cases. They allow for the same portability as the other options, but increase the level of security against theft.

Gun Safe

The absolute safest way to store a gun is in a steel gun safe. These safes use key locks, combination, or electronic combination locks to secure the guns inside of them. Due to the steel construction, they cannot be accessed without the key or combination. They are available in many different sizes to store several guns in one secure place.

Gun safes allow air to circulate through them, which helps prevent moisture from becoming an issue and causing the guns to corrode.

The only downside to steel gun safes is how terribly heavy they are. It will take a few grown men to move a single mid-sized safe into place. Larger safes that hold many guns may require the use of small machinery to position.

If you have a few guns or an entire collection, always keep safety in mind when they are being stored. Safe storing not only prevents accidental shootings, but it protects the growing value of your guns.