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Making Your Next Move A Lot Easier

Calling All Heavy Haulers: Moving Antique Cars Around Requires Special Services

by Miguel Ronda

Keeping a collection of antique cars in excellent condition means that you have to find proper storage for them. Several days out of the year, the weather is not conducive nor kind to automobiles, and the damage your vintage vehicles would incur makes you shudder. If you have to move them to an antique car show or you have to pick up and move across the country, you are going to need some professional automotive movers to get all of your cars to your new residence. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

A (Less Preferred) Method

You could hire some friends to move your vehicles to your new home. They would have to be the most trustworthy of individuals, and you would have to place them on your insurance policies until the move is complete. While this is not a bad option if you are just moving across town, it is not the best choice if you are moving thousands of miles away. 

The Automotive Trailer

There are car hauling professionals out there who spend most of their time moving vehicles around for dealerships. However, they do not limit their work orders to dealerships. If you have at least three cars you want to move, you can hire a company that utilizes automotive trailers to get all of your antique vehicles to their destination. Most of the time these companies ship by freight weight.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

If the concept of leaving your antique beauties exposed to the open air and elements on an automotive trailer is too uncomfortable for you, other auto movers have what is referred to as "enclosed vehicle transport". Your cars are loaded into specially designed semi trailers which completely enclose your cars. It is like a closed garage on wheels. Many people who have priceless automobiles or recreational vehicles are more comfortable with this option because they know nothing can scratch, mar or otherwise damage their vehicles.

An Extra Sense of Security

In addition to the two types of professional transportation you can choose from, most heavy hauling companies are heavily insured. It protects them, their fleet of trucks, and the value of your vehicles during the moving process. Even though it costs you quite a bit to move your cars, the price of the insurance that ensures their safe delivery is included in the price. You can watch the movers carefully load your cars, secure them, and double check all the tie-downs before they drive off. When your cars arrive, you are allowed to inspect them completely. It provides a little extra security and relief knowing your cars are well taken care of.