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Making Your Next Move A Lot Easier

How Do Moving Companies Charge?

by Miguel Ronda

Moving companies provide services across a broad range of relocation needs in the private and commercial markets. The size of moving companies varies dramatically as well, with some being as small as two men and a rented truck, to global movers that can handle transatlantic, airborne moves. Due to the variety of move types and the differences in moving company sizes, they can charge differently.

By Weight

Most moving companies that move residences any substantial distance will charge by the weight. A substantial distance includes one that is across state lines. The weight calculation makes sense because the truck that carries your belongings has to check in at weigh stations on the interstate. The weigh station charges carriers a certain amount based on what the truck weighs.

Moving companies that charge by weight will send a representative out to your house to see what you have to move. They check off items on a sheet and estimate the total weight of your household goods. They then tell you how much they charge per pound, add in fees and insurance costs if you opt for that, and give you an estimate, which you have to pay upfront on the day of the move.

One thing to be wary of with this pricing structure is that the amount you pay is an estimate. If your truck ends up being heavier than estimated, which the moving company can prove with the weigh station paperwork, you're liable for the difference and will have to pay it before the company will release your belongings to you. Long story short, put some money aside to pay for unexpected expenses in case your moving company hits you with last minute charges.

You can reduce your charges by:

  • Selling or giving away items and furniture you no longer want
  • Moving heavier items yourself in a towing trailer behind your passenger vehicle

By The Hour

Local moves are often charged by the hour. In this scenario, a moving company may give you an estimate over the phone based on the number of rooms you have to move. Based on past experience, they will give you an estimate of how long it will take their movers to pack up and move your goods from point A to point B. You are expected to pay upfront for the total estimate. In the end, if the move takes longer or shorter than anticipated, you'll either get a refund for the difference, or be expected to pay the movers the balance on the day you move.

For a local move, movers that charge by the hour are more affordable than moving companies that go by weight. You can lessen your overall moving cost by:

  • Packing everything yourself ahead of time
  • Stacking all boxes by the door
  • Having boxes stacked near the entryway in your new home

Moving day is usually a little stressful. But at least knowing your choices regarding fees will help to lessen the financial strain. Contact Canadian Van Lines or another local moving company for more information regarding your specific move.