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Making Your Next Move A Lot Easier

4 Tips For Moving Mattresses

by Miguel Ronda

If you are going to move to a new residence soon, one thing to be careful about transporting is your mattress. Mattresses can get damaged, dirty, and infested with pests during even a short move. The following tips will help you to protect your mattress and keep it from damage.

Keep the Mattress Covered

The first thing you should do when you intend to move mattresses is keep them covered. Your mattress is prone to damage and insect infestation during a move, no matter how far of a move it will be. Make sure you cover the mattress in plastic and tape the plastic so water, dirt, and insects can't find their way inside. While professional movers often keep the insides of their trucks clean, you should still take this extra precaution. It is even more important if you are moving in your own truck and the mattress will be exposed to the elements.

Lay Down Blankets in the Truck

You should also have the bottom of the truck cushioned before placing the mattress inside. Lay down a comforter or large blanket as extra security for your mattress. There might be dirt, wood chips, or nails at the bottom of the truck that could pierce through the plastic and damage your mattress. If you have a large mattress, such as for a California king bed, you might want to use the blankets to glide the mattress onto the truck, as this also helps keep the blankets beneath the position of the mattress.

Use a Covered Truck

The best way to move mattresses is by using a truck. If you are hiring professional movers, they will use a covered truck that keeps your mattress safe and secure. If you are moving on your own and using your truck, it is best not to simply place it in the bed of your truck without covering it. Consider covering your load with a tarp if you absolutely have to use your own truck. Otherwise, you might be better off hauling a trailer with your mattress and other items that will easily get damaged.

Secure the Mattress

The best way to place your mattress in the truck is by standing it on its side and leaning it against the wall of the truck or moving van. Never lay a mattress flat and put items on top of it, as that will get it damaged quickly. Stand it up and place heavy furniture in front of it if you need more stability.

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