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Making Your Next Move A Lot Easier

Learn How a Moving Company Can Help You Get Out of a Dangerous Home Safely

by Miguel Ronda

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you need to get yourself out of the dangerous situation you are in as soon as possible. If you have recently had your assailant arrested, there is a good chance that the jurisdiction where you live issued a protective order to keep him or her away from the property where you live for a few days. During this time, you need to gather your belongings and get away from the house as soon as possible. The following guide walks you through the process of hiring a moving company to make the process much easier and quicker for you.

Let the Company Know the Situation

The moving company needs to know how serious the situation is. They need to know that the items will need to be packed and moved out of the home as soon as possible. This will ensure that they bring moving supplies with them to use to pack everything. You will not have time to run to grocery stores looking for empty boxes to use for the move, and having the moving company bring the supplies with them will make everything easier.

Mark Your Belongings

The movers will not know which items are yours and which items belong to the person that will be staying in the home. Purchase a book of stickers and go around the home placing stickers on everything that belongs to you. You will more than likely not be able to come back to the home safely after the protective order has been lifted, so be sure that you take everything that you possibly can with you while you have the movers there to help you.

Stay Out of the Way

 It is the movers' job to get everything packed, sorted, and moved onto the truck. During this portion of the process, it is best for you to simply stay out of their way and help by packing some of your boxes on your own. Micromanaging them will make the process take longer and could put you in a dangerous situation.

Once you have everything out of the home, you can have the movers take your belongings to your new residence, a storage unit, or to a friend's house. A moving company can typically get a home packed and moved within a few days, so you do not have to worry about running into your assailant before the move is complete. Contact moving companies in your area to find one that best fits your schedule and needs.