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When it comes to moving across the country, you have to understand that things might be difficult. In addition to saying goodbye to friends and family members, you might also struggle with the idea of leaving your old house behind. However, you don't have to let a difficult transition destroy your family's morale. My blog is all about making moving easier for everyone. Check out these articles on how to avoid problems, keep people happy, and keep your things in decent shape. By taking a few extra steps, you might be able to transition easily and enjoy your new surroundings.


Making Your Next Move A Lot Easier

Tips For Moving With Pets

by Miguel Ronda

If you have pets, getting them ready for moving must be part of your overall relocation plan. Keeping your pets safe and secure while moving is a priority, but can take some planning. Here are four tips when it comes to moving households and how to incorporate your pet's move into your planning.

1. Keep Pets Locked up When Movers Arrive

If you are hiring a moving team, find an area where you can lock up your pets that movers will not access. Cats can especially get skittish and might hide or run off right when you are looking for them later on to bring them to their new home. if there isn't a great place to keep pets during the moving chaos, board them during the duration of a move.

2. Pet Supplies Go With Pets

Sometimes items can get lost in packing for a bit after you settle from a move. One thing you don't want to go missing is your pet's food, healthcare items, and bedding. Make sure that your pet's items move along with them, so this can be the first thing that you unpack in your new home. This will help them feel at home right away if they can be surrounded with familiar things that belong to them.

3. Pets Should be Personally Transported

Make sure that each one your pets either has a designated carrier or restraint. It is a good idea to personally transport your pets if possible. This will make your pets calmer since they will be with you and you can make sure that they are tended to along the way. Your pet's moving plan should be incorporated into your overall moving schedule. This should be taken seriously so that you make time to pack them up and transport your pets yourself.

4. Find a Vet in Your New Town

If you are moving to a new town, make sure you do a little research ahead of time on vets in the area. In case anything happens along the way or your pets have an emergency when you move in, you'll be ready for this. It is good to call ahead and start setting up checkups with a new vet so that your family is on file once you are settled in your new location.

Moving is hard for people, but try to remember that pets won't understand what is going on. The more that you can do to provide consistency and help their transition be less stressful the better. Make sure that their safety is the number one factor and get your pets settled in their new environment as seamlessly as possible. Contact a local mover, such as A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc., with any questions.