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Making Your Next Move A Lot Easier

Got Complaints With Your Movers? They May Be Explainable

by Miguel Ronda

The frustration of moving can be easily be alleviated by hiring professional movers, but too many people avoid hiring this useful service. Usually, their reticence is caused by complaints they have about moving issues they've experienced in the past. However, many of these complaints are easily explainable and can help you understand why they occur.

Why Movers Won't Move Certain Items

Before you hire a mover, you need to understand that there are some items they simply won't try to move. These items include the following:

  • Propane and gasoline tanks
  • Gun ammunition
  • Batteries
  • Bleach
  • Air tanks of any kind
  • Nail polish
  • Household plants
  • Outdoor equipment

While watching your movers ignore these items can be frustrating, there are a few reasons for it. First of all, many of those items are dangerous, and your moving company doesn't want to risk causing any kind of serious damage or destruction in the move.

But what about items like household plants? Why do movers avoid touching these items? Simply because most homeowners are rather sensitive about the state of their plants. And shuffling one into a packed truck may not be good for its health. That's also why some avoid moving valuable and extremely fragile items or heirlooms.

Why They Use So Many People to Move

When you're on a tight budget, it can be annoying to pay six or seven people to move items in your home. However, there are good reasons for why movers use what seems like an excessive number of people. First of all, it helps speed up the process and may even decrease the number of man hours involved in the process, which can save you money.

Second, moving can be incredibly damaging to a person's body. Just imagine having to lift all those items in your home and transport them by yourself. Multiple movers help ensure that potential bodily damage is kept to a minimum. Especially since they'll be trained in proper moving and lifting techniques.

Why Moving Heavy Objects Takes So Long

Watching a group of movers slowly struggle with your home's large items may make you imagine you could do it a lot faster. While you and a group of your buddies might be able to speedily move your piano down the stairs, you might end up doing a lot more damage.

That's because pianos are incredibly heavy, awkward beasts that require a specific moving process. For example, pianos should never be moved on their metal caster wheels, as they are usually decorative. Instead, they need to be carefully rolled onto a dolly, properly strapped down, and slowly moved.

Now, just imagine having to move all of the awkwardly heavy objects in your home utilizing similar techniques. Chances are, you're more than ready to let your movers do all that heavy lifting for you.

So the next time you're hesitant to hire a mover, take some time to consider these simple facts. And remember: just talk to a professional mover like Canadian Van Lines about these problems before getting enraged to alleviate most of your stress.